[mythtv-users] frontend setup (NFS ?) need clarification

Franco mythtv at email.it
Fri Dec 30 14:01:43 EST 2005


now that I finally have a working network, I'm beginning to
play with the frontend/backend configuration.

I'm sure this is a FAQ but I searched a lot both Jarod's site and
Mythtv's site without finding an answer.

mythTV (the tuner part) works out-of-the-box for all the frontends,
but mythmusic and mythvideo don't.

How should I set up things so that I can play all my video, music, etc.
from all the frontends?  I believe the answer is "NFS", but should I setup
things so that the paths look the same from every machine?
I see that if I try to browse the videos from a frontend, I can see all
the video "covers" I had setup in the backend database, but when I try
to play them, I get a "file not found" (or similar) error.

What's the purpose, then, of having the paths configurable in the frontend,
if they need to be just the same as frontend ones?

And how do I should setup things, as I have my videos, music, etc., 
split among the disks of the various machines?
I'd like to be able to watch/listen ALL my stuff from EVERY mythbox
in the house...

Last question: the only thing I found mentioned in the FAQ, was the
"myth://" URL... do I need to use that and where do I put it?


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