[mythtv-users] Re-subscribing to digest - getting caught up. . .

Gordon Rimac gordon at rimac.net
Fri Dec 30 09:19:29 EST 2005

> • Is it any easier to install MythTV these days - compared to a year
> ago? I'd be using Jarod's Guide and RedHat. I was primarily having
> problems with dependencies and with the program guide working properly.

You shouldn't have any problems with dependencies if you follow
Jarod's guide.  Last time I set up a system on FC using his guide
everything I needed was within the ATRPMS repository.

> • Is it easier to set up MythTV for a DirecTV satellite system, or
> for digital cable? I'd be controlling the boxes using a serial cable
> (if that's possible).

I am not sure how many digital cable boxes have a serial control but
assuming you get one that does setup would be about the same (just a
different channel change script).  I am using 3 satellite receivers
connected to PVR250's using SVideo with serial port control and they
are working just fine.

> • Are there specific DirecTV boxes that work best with MythTV in
> terms of being able to change channels and stuff like that?

I had good luck with the RCA DRD455 reciever I bought from Circuit
City a long time ago so when I wanted more tuners I bought a few
indentical recievers on Ebay.  This isn't the cheapest way to go since
you still need to call DirecTV and then purchase an access card in
addition to whatever you paid on Ebay but I wanted to use the same
hardware for each tuner and I could no longer find that exact model. 
I have had issues with missing channel changes when using USB to
Serial convertors to talk to the satellite recievers, adding a
multiport serial port board fixed that for me.

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