[mythtv-users] Re-subscribing to digest - getting caught up. . .

Marko Nurmenniemi marko.nurmenniemi at kolumbus.fi
Fri Dec 30 09:31:19 EST 2005

Gordon Rimac wrote:

>>• Is it any easier to install MythTV these days - compared to a year
>>ago? I'd be using Jarod's Guide and RedHat. I was primarily having
>>problems with dependencies and with the program guide working properly.
>You shouldn't have any problems with dependencies if you follow
>Jarod's guide.  Last time I set up a system on FC using his guide
>everything I needed was within the ATRPMS repository.
Atrpms makes the installation easy indeed. However I have been trying to 
figure out why is it that atrpms repository has recompiled packages? I 
don't want to mess too much with the std. installation. Seems a bit too 
risky for my purposes anyway.
What is the difference between normal Fedora packages and the ones from 
Atrpms and with the xxx.at naming?

I usually pull the Myth stuff and then remove the atrpms.repo because of 


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