[mythtv-users] Re-subscribing to digest - getting caught up. . .

Dorsey Graphics info at dorseygraphics.com
Thu Dec 29 21:15:11 EST 2005

Hello all

   I have a Pentium 4 3.4 GHz PC that I have no use for - I thought  
I'd try my hand at MythTV again. I had MythTV running on my other box  
for about a year, but then the box broke and, seeing how I am new to  
Linux and not a Computer Science PhD, I was not able to fix it. I  
switched to WinXP and Snapstream. That solution works OK, but their  
latest release has me a bit pissed off, as they claimed to support  
DIVX encoding, and their implementation was horrible. So I find  
myself reconsidering MythTV.

   Anyway, I'd like to catch up on some of the MythTV progress. Here  
are a few questions - thanks in advance for your answers:

• Is it any easier to install MythTV these days - compared to a year  
ago? I'd be using Jarod's Guide and RedHat. I was primarily having  
problems with dependencies and with the program guide working properly.

• Has any kind of support been added for moving menu backgrounds? I'd  
SOOOO love to generate my own (I'm a broadcast designer). I'd of  
course share anything I made with the community.

• Is it easier to set up MythTV for a DirecTV satellite system, or  
for digital cable? I'd be controlling the boxes using a serial cable  
(if that's possible).

• What about BOTH a DirecTV box and digital cable?

• Are there specific DirecTV boxes that work best with MythTV in  
terms of being able to change channels and stuff like that?



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