[mythtv-users] Anyone in Regina, Sask, Canada for a little advice?

Mark J. Small msmall at eastlink.ca
Tue Dec 27 09:20:46 EST 2005

On December 20, 2005 03:25 pm, R. Geoffrey Newbury wrote:
> On Tue, 20 Dec 2005 10:40:54 -0600, Robert Johnston wrote:
> >I'm here, using Access Communications cable, and I'd like to know if
> >anyone else here is using a Digital card (HD3000/Air2PC/something
> >else) to recieve Access' "Digital" service (As all I have here at the
> >moment are a pair of PVR-250's picking up the "Basic" cable, and if I
> >have to use something like FireWire (And so have lots of boxes
> >clogging up my already full entertainment unit) I'd rather not bother.
> >
> >I'm more interested in going with the Digital for the HD and the lack of
> > noise.
> >
> >Anyone here want to stand up and give me some advice here? I'm not
> >sure what system Access uses for their cable, and how much is
> >broadcast over the line in the clear (Especially as we're in Canada,
> >and FCC regs don't apply)
> Yes, instead we have to idiots of the CRTC to deal with!
> Check out my post from earlier today, and follow the links. Basically,
> ensure you have the correct modules loaded, get/use the dvbscan utils from
> linuxtv.org to scan your cable for active feeds. Check the feeds with
> azap, cat > and mplayer.
> Extract the serviceid's and insert into mythconverg.
> Bake at 325 for 2 hours, serve with whipped cream.
> More seriously, if Access has any digital channels (check their web site)
> then the dvbscan will find them. Thereafter its a picky little process of
> extracting bits of info from various places and poking the bits into other
> places.
> But it does work! I'm watching at least a dozen different QAM256 feeds
> from Rogers Cable in Toronto using an HD3000 card. I'm still in the
> process of testing some of the channels, and attempting to add some
> more...Unfortunately, it appears the CRTC mandates that  I get 8 different
> timeshifted feeds of CBC from St. Johns to Vancouver...and I never watch
> CBC anyway!
> Geoff

If you know someone with a digital cable box, you can find out which channels 
are in the clear by going in to the service menus.  On my DCT2000 (Eastlink  
in Nova Scotia), you hit the OK button just after you turn off the cable box.  
On one of the menu options ( I think it was #7), you get status about the 
current channel.  It will say near the top whether it is clear, unencrypted 
(I don't know the difference) or encrypted.  You can check this for the HD 
channels even if your cable box doesn't support HD.  

On my system, last I checked, most HD channels are encrypted.  CBC and CTV 
weren't, but that was the day after they were added to the system, and things 



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