[mythtv-users] Shuttle Barebones Case SN95G5 V3 or SN25P

Kevin Ruse kmr987 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 25 00:14:08 EST 2005

>  I have an SN42G2 (or something like that), just thought I'd let you know
> that heat and noise are a problem on this (esp since I added a second hard
> disk). It has to run with the case off, this does nothing to help with the
> noise :)
>  I would expect the SN95G5 to have similar issues, particuallarly after
> Marius post.

I have an SN42G2 V3 with a pvr500 and 2 hard drives and it is
extremely quiet and heat isn't an issue. Given the other good press
i've seen about these boxes, i'm a suprised to see you are having heat
and noise issues. You can still get these boxes and i think they are
well worth it.

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