[mythtv-users] Shuttle Barebones Case SN95G5 V3 or SN25P

Robert Denier rdenier at finiteinfinity.org
Sun Dec 25 15:30:29 EST 2005

Some drives produce more heat than others, and it may be possible to have them 
spin down sometimes.  CPU and graphics cards can contribute as well.

On my shuttle cube, which is a little old now, I noted that cutting away the 
grid in the back that covers the big fan seemed to reduce the noise level a 
little.  It should help with heat issues a little as well.  The idea is that 
the fins of the heat pipe system already restrict the airflow enough without 
going through the secondary grid work, which likely add to the noise level by 
causing a disturbance in the air flow.

Obviously this will void your warranty, and there are no gaurantees you will 
be happy with the results.  I used a dremel cutoff wheel to do it, but if you 
do that I recommend safety glasses and a dust mask.  You will also need to be 
careful not to get aluminum dust inside the case, and to use some compressed 
air to clean any out that does get in.  It is probably a good idea to remove 
your motherboard before starting as well.

Disclaimer:  This is not really a recommendation, just a mention of something 
that worked for me somewhat.  Doing this might break something.


On Saturday 24 December 2005 11:14 pm, Kevin Ruse wrote:
> >  I have an SN42G2 (or something like that), just thought I'd let you know
> > that heat and noise are a problem on this (esp since I added a second
> > hard disk). It has to run with the case off, this does nothing to help
> > with the noise :)
> >
> >  I would expect the SN95G5 to have similar issues, particuallarly after
> > Marius post.
> I have an SN42G2 V3 with a pvr500 and 2 hard drives and it is
> extremely quiet and heat isn't an issue. Given the other good press
> i've seen about these boxes, i'm a suprised to see you are having heat
> and noise issues. You can still get these boxes and i think they are
> well worth it.
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