[mythtv-users] Great source for channel icons (was --> "http://www.lyngsat-logo.com")

Stephen Boddy stephen.boddy at btinternet.com
Wed Dec 21 20:50:20 EST 2005

On Thursday 22 December 2005 01:38, Stephen Boddy wrote:
> Been out all day, so I've only just caught up on this thread. My God! You
> "'mericuns" don't half make things complicated!!!
> I'll be away from my main system for the next week, but I'll take the guts
> with me on the lappyb and see if I can't make some progress. I'm going to
> try and list the outstanding requests here:
> 1. Seperate out the country/state code specific parts. I think it is
> additionally a good idea to move the country/state specific settings to
> here too. Then an command line option will be added to pass a country
> code/state field to the program. These files will just be a python file
> containing variables that get imported. It's very easy, and I don't have to
> go making up config file formats ;-) If not passed program will default to
> a country/state code defined in main the program file, as it does now.
> 2. Add a command line option to restrict to the channels of a particular
> source id. If not passed program behaves as it does now.
> 3. Attempt a (fuzzy?) match against the callsign of a channel.
> 4. Add a "Processing web pages, please wait..." message.
> 5. I can sort of see a way to build composites to deal with us(-il|--in)
> situations. i.e. the command line parameter is a comma seperated list of
> master lists that are all loaded at once. Any thoughts guys, as this is a
> feature you need, not me?
> 6. Fix the program from wigging out (line 200) when the country code does
> not exist. This will probably be substantially changed anyway, going to
> seperate file master lists/settings.

Just thought of another:

7. Ability to restrict channels processed from country/state composite. At the 
moment if you want to just change entry 79/80, but it already has an entry, 
then autospeed won't get you to it quickly. Maybe another fuzzy match, with a 
configurable number of results?

Tack on any additions here, but for my sanity keep the full list, and try to 
maintain a single clean list. Cheers guys :-)

> I can just see me trying to figure this little lot out with a belly full of
> turkey and "several" beers inside of me 8-P
> While we're piling on ideas, does anyone have anymore before I lose my nice
> threaded, sorted mail lists over the next week?
> Just a note on perl that Steve A. made. Might be easier for you, but I
> simply never liked the syntax :-) If it wasn't in python, it wouldn't have
> gotten written. Don't mean to come off a zealot, but I find python very
> quick and easy to read and write, very quick and easy to debug (except when
> it is I myself that is the bug ;-) and very featureful (batteries included)
> meaning I don't have to fart around tracking down libraries, installing
> them, then figuring out how to use them. They're included, and very well
> documented. And finally, when I come back to a piece of python after an
> extended period, I grok what it's doing and how as I read it. With perl I
> just see gibberish.
> I would seriously recommend taking the hour or so to work through the
> tutorial. It is staggeringly easy to become productive with python in a
> very short period of time.

Steve Boddy

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