[mythtv-users] Great source for channel icons (was --> "http://www.lyngsat-logo.com")

Stephen Boddy stephen.boddy at btinternet.com
Wed Dec 21 20:38:40 EST 2005

On Wednesday 21 December 2005 16:26, Greg Estabrooks wrote:
> > "http://www.lyngsat-logo.com/logo/tv/ww/wset_abc13_lynchburg.jpg" and the
> > station name "WSET 13 Lynchburg" but doesn't find eityher.
>  Ok, this was my fault. I  was pointing at "us" and not at the various
> states as I assumed "us" would include all of them.   I've wipped all of my
> existing icons, and modified my source to to also store the URL in my
> channel table of the icon it found for easily generating a list of them
> when I'm done.
>  I also got channel dumps from a few friends with dishnet and have filled
> in several hundred of those channels. So if we use external "master files"
> , say with a default file and a command parameter override to point to a
> specific file then it should be system to pull the callsign name and URL
> out  and generate the files.   I've got about 80% of the icons done from
> the dishnet 110w satellite as well as almost all of the stations available
> on my local Cable ISP.

Been out all day, so I've only just caught up on this thread. My God! You 
"'mericuns" don't half make things complicated!!!

I'll be away from my main system for the next week, but I'll take the guts 
with me on the lappyb and see if I can't make some progress. I'm going to try 
and list the outstanding requests here:

1. Seperate out the country/state code specific parts. I think it is 
additionally a good idea to move the country/state specific settings to here 
too. Then an command line option will be added to pass a country code/state 
field to the program. These files will just be a python file containing 
variables that get imported. It's very easy, and I don't have to go making up 
config file formats ;-) If not passed program will default to a country/state 
code defined in main the program file, as it does now.

2. Add a command line option to restrict to the channels of a particular 
source id. If not passed program behaves as it does now.

3. Attempt a (fuzzy?) match against the callsign of a channel.

4. Add a "Processing web pages, please wait..." message.

5. I can sort of see a way to build composites to deal with us(-il|--in) 
situations. i.e. the command line parameter is a comma seperated list of 
master lists that are all loaded at once. Any thoughts guys, as this is a 
feature you need, not me?

6. Fix the program from wigging out (line 200) when the country code does not 
exist. This will probably be substantially changed anyway, going to seperate 
file master lists/settings.

I can just see me trying to figure this little lot out with a belly full of 
turkey and "several" beers inside of me 8-P

While we're piling on ideas, does anyone have anymore before I lose my nice 
threaded, sorted mail lists over the next week?

Just a note on perl that Steve A. made. Might be easier for you, but I simply 
never liked the syntax :-) If it wasn't in python, it wouldn't have gotten 
written. Don't mean to come off a zealot, but I find python very quick and 
easy to read and write, very quick and easy to debug (except when it is I 
myself that is the bug ;-) and very featureful (batteries included) meaning I 
don't have to fart around tracking down libraries, installing them, then 
figuring out how to use them. They're included, and very well documented. And 
finally, when I come back to a piece of python after an extended period, I 
grok what it's doing and how as I read it. With perl I just see gibberish.

I would seriously recommend taking the hour or so to work through the 
tutorial. It is staggeringly easy to become productive with python in a very 
short period of time.
Steve Boddy

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