[mythtv-users] Great source for channel icons (was --> "http://www.lyngsat-logo.com")

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Wed Dec 21 21:01:33 EST 2005

> Been out all day, so I've only just caught up on this thread. My God! You 
> "'mericuns" don't half make things complicated!!!

 *Cough* I'm Canadian, but some of our channels are American based ;)

 Plus I've been doing some tests against a few American friends channels lists.

> 3. Attempt a (fuzzy?) match against the callsign of a channel.

 I'd definately see this as a big one as it is likely to find most channels,
at least in North America, maybe falling back to a name match if nothing is 

> 4. Add a "Processing web pages, please wait..." message.

 You might also consider putting a "Item 13 of 26" type marker next to the 
name or callsign being checked.  If only to tell a user just how much more 
they have to go through :)

 One thing I also found was that hitting s to skip was a bit of a pain when
you are comparing several hundred channels..... maybe enter/blank moves on 
to the next comparison? Even if a user accidentily hits enter more than 
they ment they can just run the app again.

> situations. i.e. the command line parameter is a comma seperated list of 
> master lists that are all loaded at once. Any thoughts guys, as this is a 
> feature you need, not me?

 That sounds good to me.

> I can just see me trying to figure this little lot out with a belly full of 
> turkey and "several" beers inside of me 8-P

 Sounds like a good time to me...well the turkey anyway :)

 One thing I tripped across tonight is something I completely forgot about.
There is a callsignnetworkmap and networkiconmap table in the mythconverg 
database That can be populated with mappings of callsign to URL so that
mythfilldatabase will try to download the icons for you for any callsign you
have in your channel list. I think a little script to take the data I've 
gathered and import it into those tables would make it much easier for
most as myth will pull in the icons for them. And of course the more 
comprehensive that data is the less people will have to do manually.

 I see this tool as a great way to come up with that data. Might be
more work for me, but should make it much easier for others.

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