[mythtv-users] Easiest installation?

Johan Venter johan at vulturest.com
Wed Dec 21 18:07:02 EST 2005

> I got it all working, then I configured the sql server to not just
> bind on localhost. Grabbed knoppmyth and to my surprise I connected to
> backend and could watch live tv/recorded shows via this quick booted
> frontend on my laptop.

Well that was easy. It took me a week and a half to get my first Myth 
box working, had to edit kernel drivers etc etc etc.

> I am totally impressed and can see this setup being a huge advantage.
> Certainly means I will consider purchasing the xmltv feed that is
> available from a company in oz. As long as its upto date and works all
> the time. I am happy to support them.

I use Development1's feed, which as far as I know is freely available. 
There's a grabber available on the net (do a search for tv_grab_au).


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