[mythtv-users] Easiest installation?

Michael Fox fox.michael at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 17:57:34 EST 2005

On 12/22/05, Johan Venter <johan at vulturest.com> wrote:
> Indeed, I install Myth into it's own little sandbox at /usr/local/mythtv
> to make it super easy to remove/move/backup etc, and all you have to do
> is make sure the lib directory is locatable by ld.

Well I installed Ubuntu 5.10 lastnight for about the third time. Then
updated it to point to multiverse/universe packages.

Got my dvb card going with default installed kernel, then apt-get
installed the mythweb and mythtv from externally.

I got it all working, then I configured the sql server to not just
bind on localhost. Grabbed knoppmyth and to my surprise I connected to
backend and could watch live tv/recorded shows via this quick booted
frontend on my laptop.

So grabbed a precompiled osx binary of mythfrontend 0.18.1 and to my
surprise it worked on this also. Even works on my wifes Powerbook with
wireless 802.11g (although in the same room as the AP, so over coming
days I will test it from various rooms to determine if the throughput
is still enough).

I am totally impressed and can see this setup being a huge advantage.
Certainly means I will consider purchasing the xmltv feed that is
available from a company in oz. As long as its upto date and works all
the time. I am happy to support them.

Now I need to purchase another dvb card and see if i can squeeze into
the pci slot next to the existing one, if not I might have to remove
the fx5200 from the backend machine and shuffle cards over (so the 2
dvb's have a pci slot between them).

My backend is not going to be connected to a tv, so fx5200 is not
really needed. I guess I will experiment in the near future. I am due
to go away tomorrow, so I guess I wont be playing for another week or

Excellent work to the developers who produced mythtv, fantastic
application. I can't wait to get more involved and learn more about
the actually settings I am yet to explore.

I'll have to do my bit and produce a howto for my dvb card and ubuntu
5.10 for some of the aussie folks.

Merry Xmas to all.

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