[mythtv-users] MythMusic skipping

David Peeters dpeeters at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 16:18:29 EST 2005

I've searched several boards and haven't found any usefull information
regarding my problem.

when playing .mp3s or ogg files in MythMusic, I get annoying skips every so
often (usually one or two every 2 to 5 minutes). The skips are barely a half
second long and its just like the audio stops playing for a moment.

I'm running KnoppMyth R5A22 and using a Sound Blaster Live! SPDIF output.
The soundcard is not used by MythTV playback since I have a tuner card for

CPU usage does not seem to effect the skipping (It still skips with a 90%
idle cpu).

I've tried lower bitrate mp3s, but they have the same problem.
mp3s don't always skip at the same place, so it's definately not a problem
with a skip in the physical file.

Does anyone know of a possible reason this could happen? I haven't seen
anything strange in the logs, but I'm not experienced with linux so there
might be something there and I wouldn't know it.
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