[mythtv-users] X 99% cpu load during LiveTV

Rick van der Mieden mieden8 at zonnet.nl
Wed Dec 21 16:11:35 EST 2005

I've a little problem with my X and kde in combi with LiveTV. This is what
When I startup my server (backend in combo with frontend) all running on
gentoo with kdm (.xsession file with mythfrontend and irexec to be started).
Mythfrontend startsup normal. But when I want to watch LiveTV I have a
flickering picture and then a black screen, but the audio of the channel is
there, I even can switch channels, but still a black screen. When I look at
top I see my X process eating the complete CPU. When I kill kdm and X and
startup kdm again everything is perfectly normal.
Anybody an idea???
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