[mythtv-users] MythTV & Linux Newbie - A few ?'s

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I'm a fairly competent IT administrator with a lot of experience on Windows
networks, but no Linux background.  I've been playing with MythTV and Fedora
Core 4 for a few days now on an extra PC, and using Jarod's instructions
verbatim, have managed to get Linux installed and my GF4 440 MX card working
through TV out, but I have a few general questions regarding MythTV:

* Once Linux begins to boot, I can no longer see the video output on my
monitor, only my television.  Is this normal, or did I mess something up
while configuring TV-Out?

* If normal, is there any way to make it output the signal to both?  As I
haven't fully 'tweaked' everything yet, the output signal to the TV leaves
something to be desired when looking at smaller text or working in the

* What is the recommended resolution to output to the TV?  I've got mine at
1024 x 768 on a standard 4:3 32" screen.  Should I be dropping this down to
something more realistic like 640 x 480?

* The output to the TV is slightly off center.  I've messed with the
overscan settings in nvidia-setup but even afterwards the vertical picture
is off by about 3/4" from the top.  How can I adjust the vertical position?

And one last one (hope I'm not irritating the list already):

* I haven't yet bought a capture card, and planned on purchasing a PVR-150
package that included an MCE remote/receiver and MCE IR blaster.  I've read
in the archives that the MCE remote will work, but what about the IR
blaster?  Will this have to be replaced with on from irblaster.info or

Thanks in advance for your help,

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