[mythtv-users] MythTV & Linux Newbie - A few ?'s

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Wed Dec 21 11:41:15 EST 2005

obscure information. wrote:

> * Once Linux begins to boot, I can no longer see the video output on 
> my monitor, only my television.  Is this normal, or did I mess 
> something up while configuring TV-Out?

This is normal.

> * If normal, is there any way to make it output the signal to both?  
> As I haven't fully 'tweaked' everything yet, the output signal to the 
> TV leaves something to be desired when looking at smaller text or 
> working in the console.

Yes.  I think nVidia calls this TwinView or something like that

> * What is the recommended resolution to output to the TV?  I've got 
> mine at 1024 x 768 on a standard 4:3 32" screen.  Should I be dropping 
> this down to something more realistic like 640 x 480?

Myth screens for 4:3 are built for 800x600 resolution in the menus and 
this is what I use.

> * The output to the TV is slightly off center.  I've messed with the 
> overscan settings in nvidia-setup but even afterwards the vertical 
> picture is off by about 3/4" from the top.  How can I adjust the 
> vertical position?

Maybe try xvidtune?


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