[mythtv-users] 2 Backends, 1 backend use the serial port of the other?

Brandon Stoll mrmagoo at mrmagoo.org
Mon Dec 19 13:39:27 EST 2005

On 12/19/05, Jason Sharpe <mythtv.list at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello!
>  I am 98% done with my mythtv whole house setup! I have learned alot and
> look forward to tweaking this sucker out!
>  I have 2 standalone backends, the master has a DCT3200 via firewire and a
> HD-3000 (OTA) in it. Both inputs working pretty flawlessly (knock on wood).
> I intend to have the master hold all of the recordings from the 2 BEs (about
> 1TB in the master so that should be enough for now)
>  I wanted to setup a slave BE to do all the transcoding, Comm flagging,
> nuvexport etc so the master BE can focus on recording. I find that 80% of my
> recordings take place on nights and weekends  along with 100% of the viewing
> at the same time so why not let the slave do the other tasks while the
> master is hard at work recording and serving to the frontends.
>  One of the last steps of this entire project is turning off the TiVo (YAY!)
> and moving my DishNetwork receiver onto myth. I have read of the headaches
> of getting a HD-3000 (using DVB drivers) and a PVR-250 working in the same
> box so I installed a PVR-250 into the slave BE.
>  To start, I am not running LIRC on any frontend or backend for remote
> control use. I have PS/2 IR keyboards and learning remotes to make it easy.
> (that way I can whip out the IR keyboard and use it to browse the web/email
> when I I don't want to fire up my laptop.)
>  I have a serial IR blaster from www.irblaster.info that I need to use to
> control the DishNetwork box. My issue is that the slave BE does not have a
> serial port on it. However my master BE sits right next to the slave and it
> does have a serial port. I have LIRC working on the master and blasting
> correctly using /dev/lircd.
>  Being a linux newbie I am probly asking a basic question, but with the
> PVR-250 in my slave BE is there a way to have my slave BE use the serial
> port on my master BE to blast to control the DishNetwork box?
>  Again being a newbie I tried NFS just for fun and when I tried to mount
> /dev/lircd on the slave it it failed, but I didn't expect it to work (exact
> error was "mount: failed, reason given by server:
> Not a directory")
>  I have a USB to Serial dongle that I could use, but from what I have read,
> that wouldn't work with the blaster I have and with LIRC. (or am I wrong?)
>  I guess the last resort would be to put the HD-3000 in the slave BE and the
> PVR-250 in the master, but with an hour of HD using 8gig, I figure it would
> be best to leave it in the master so the slave doesn't have to try to push
> that large amount of data over the network to store it on the master.
>  Any suggestions?
>  Thanks!
>  Jason

Yes, you can do this.  lirc has a command-line option to have your IR
machine run as a server and have your other machine connect to it to
use the remote.

As far as I can tell lirc has no documentation on this.  Check lircd --help

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