[mythtv-users] Gray-OSD change font?

Greg Estabrooks greg at phaze.org
Mon Dec 19 09:52:57 EST 2005

> couple comments and some ideas I have for how I'd like it to look (so 
> obviously feel free to selectively ignore them...)

 Not a problem. I have no problem saying "No" or "Do it yourself" :)

> The position overlay is really big, theres a lot of wasted space above and 
> below the bar. 

 I disagree. When viewed on a TV, at a distance I think it is very easy to
read and cramming it all together would make that much harder. If I gotta 
squint it's bad :) Plus the "status" container is used by myth for any status
display so the String could be "Paused" "Play" "Position", 
"Adjust Time Stretch" "Adjust Volume" etc, and the Time position could be 
something like "Brightness 50%".

 All of which means that it has to be large enough to accomodate a variety
of possible items.

> base. Have the start time of the show on the left, the end time on the right, 
> and the progress bar in the center, all on one line. Above this place the 

 Sounds like you want to clone the Tivo Status bar :) I have no plans to do
that for the regular position bar, but I do prefer the slimmer look for 
edit mode so I might look at that.

> clock right justified and the current playback status left justified. Change 
> "Position" to "Play". Possibly a playback status logo would be nice to have 
> before the word.

 I have no control over this. The OSD is passed a status string and that is 
what is displayed. There is no logic to the OSD themes to allow for 
"if this then display that" so all we can do is display what is sent or ignore
it altogether.  

> If you do decide to keep the different overlay shape: The short info is center 
> justified, the long info is left justified. My vote is to see the short info 
> left justified as well.

 I gotta say I've looked at this several times (and again just now) and I 
completely prefer the small window as centered text. I'll have to think about
that one.

> Your are exiting this recording Overlay
> Possible for it to display the show information as well? Title, channel, etc? 

 Honestly I have never seen this as I disabled that popup years ago. 
I'll reenable it and  have a look. I suspect it's not an option however.

 That popup is passed a message of variable size which can be small or
large so we have to make sure there is enough room for it, plus a couple of 
lines for the options a user gets to pick from.

 Ok, I enabled that popup and none of that info is available for display
by the OSD in that particular container.   As well this same container
is used during edit mode which is why I had to make it solid black otherwise
it would look really ugly as a semi transparent window with text overlaid 
on the other semi transparent editbar.

> 1. The font for the clock is different than the regular font. Or... Is the 
> font for the clock different? It looks to be a different font...

 All text in this theme uses 3 variations of the DejaVuSans font. (Italics,
Bold, Regular) The variation between them is the colour of the text and
of course the size for each particular item. 

> 2. Some of the fonts have the bottom 10% or so cut off. The channel number in 
> the small info display and the bottom line of the description in the large 

 Any chance you can get me a screenshot of that ?   What resolution? 
How about Aspect ratio? 4:3 or 16:9?

> 3. The clock in the position and short info is too close to the right edge (my 
> DPI is running at 100dpi).

 I agree, I'll bump it to the left a few pixels

> 4. The start time for a show in live tv in the large info screen shows the 
> time you started watching and not the actual program start time.

 Another case of that being what we have to work with. Only a limited
set of values are available to each of the OSD containers . I'll have
to do some experimenting.  I never use LiveTV so I hadn't seen that.

> I'm still partial to how the TiVo puts the position bar at the bottom of the 
> screen, many years of TiVo use... I don't know how others feel, but my vote 

 Not gonna happen. But obviously you can edit yours to your hearts content :)
I've used isthmus which had it's position bar at the bottom for a long time
and disliked the location as it was often covering up something I wanted to
see.  Sure I could hide the OSD while still paused but to me it makes more 
sense to move it to an area of the screen that rarely contains anything of
interest. Almost all of the video content really happens on the lower 2/3 of
a screen and the top is often just ceilings and sky.

 Also it is possible to have multiple containers appear on the screen at the
same time and I wanted to do my best to avoid overlaps for the most part.

> As usual, Great work, like I said before a great match for the Grayhem theme, 
> thanks for all your hard work!

 Thanks, actually it was fun to work on and learn more about how myth handles 
it's themes. I had rarely dug around that portion of the code but
found myself constantly referring to the myth source to find out just
what values were available and what I could do in the theme with things
like fonts and such.

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