[mythtv-users] Gray-OSD change font?

Steve Adeff adeffs at gmail.com
Sun Dec 18 23:35:54 EST 2005

On Sunday 18 December 2005 18:54, Greg Estabrooks wrote:
> > show, which for news shows like FSW Report shows the original airing
> > date. Would it be possible to have it, for news shows show the actual air
> > date?
>  Already changed. :)

awesome. downloaded the new version.

couple comments and some ideas I have for how I'd like it to look (so 
obviously feel free to selectively ignore them...)

The Position OSD
The position overlay is really big, theres a lot of wasted space above and 
below the bar. 
In trying to create a theme for the overlay, I think it would be better to 
make the position overlay long and skinny. use the long info overlay as a 
base. Have the start time of the show on the left, the end time on the right, 
and the progress bar in the center, all on one line. Above this place the 
clock right justified and the current playback status left justified. Change 
"Position" to "Play". Possibly a playback status logo would be nice to have 
before the word.
|> Play
|| Pause
>> FF 2x

Short Info

In keeping with a common theme for the overlay, again base this on the long 
info overlay, except get rid of the show date/time info and channel logo 
allowing the total height to be cut in half. Cut short the description so it 
only takes up two lines.

If you do decide to keep the different overlay shape: The short info is center 
justified, the long info is left justified. My vote is to see the short info 
left justified as well.

Your are exiting this recording Overlay

Possible for it to display the show information as well? Title, channel, etc? 
Lots of empty space in this overlay, would be nice if it was filled with some 
more information.

Some random other things:
1. The font for the clock is different than the regular font. Or... Is the 
font for the clock different? It looks to be a different font...
2. Some of the fonts have the bottom 10% or so cut off. The channel number in 
the small info display and the bottom line of the description in the large 
3. The clock in the position and short info is too close to the right edge (my 
DPI is running at 100dpi).
4. The start time for a show in live tv in the large info screen shows the 
time you started watching and not the actual program start time.

I'm still partial to how the TiVo puts the position bar at the bottom of the 
screen, many years of TiVo use... I don't know how others feel, but my vote 
would be for it to go there, but I don't really care that much about where it 

As usual, Great work, like I said before a great match for the Grayhem theme, 
thanks for all your hard work!


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