[mythtv-users] mythtv kde autostart

John Andersen jsamyth at gmail.com
Sun Dec 18 18:41:47 EST 2005

On 12/18/05, Rick van der Mieden <mieden8 at zonnet.nl> wrote:
> I'm a bit lost with the startup sequence of X and kde.
> I use gentoo and start with kde as the displaymanager (/etc/rc.conf)
> I configured kde with kcontrol to login automatically to the mythtv user. In
> /home/mythtv/.kde/Autostart I've irexec, mythfrontend, and LCDd to be
> started. But this is not functioning very good. It will startup my
> mythfrontend, but that's all. No irexec and no LCD, causing my remote not
> functioning OK and I don't have my LCD display running. Besides that when I
> first boot up the server, mythfrontend starts, but when i want to watch
> LiveTV my X crashes, resulting in a black screen with the sound of the
> selected channel, a crashing mythfrontend and an X process eating my CPU for
> about 100%. If I kill the X process and startover kdm again, everything is
> perfect.
> So 2 questions:
> 1. Can someone explain how to startup the three progs at startup, and if my
> description of the startup procedure is correct?
> 2. Can someone point me to the right direction with the crashing X?

Make a shell script that does it all, and then put (or link)
that to the autostart directory.

Note that if you do not use the -d parameter on
the startup of mythfrontend it will run in the forground
and you will never get to the next program till myth quits.


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