[mythtv-users] 0.18.1-fixes library version conflict

Jarod Wilson jarod at wilsonet.com
Fri Dec 16 22:41:47 EST 2005

On Friday 16 December 2005 19:05, Torsten Crass wrote:
> Hi Petr,
> > make sure "libmyth*" is not installed and recompile once again. The
> > error message is very clear.
> first of all: thanks for your reply! However, your suggestion is
> basically what I have done anyway (thanks to the very clear error
> message... ;-). At least I *think* I so.

You still have an old libmyth laying around somewhere, there is no other 
explanation. I've upgraded several systems from stock 0.18.1 to the -fixes 
version, and I wouldn't have checked the stuff into the -fixes branch if they 
didn't work. :)

> OK, I must admit that I've had Matt Zimmerman's Debian packages
> installed while they were still available. But since I want my MythBox
> to replace the DVD player, too, I was eager to get MythPlugins up and
> running. So I "dpkg-removed" all myth-related stuff, dropped the MySQL
> database, donwloaded the 0.18.1 tarballs and compiled them. After
> messing around with a number of segfaults and invalid pointer warnings
> (glibc 4.0, I presume)

That would be gcc 4, not glibc 4, but yes, many gcc 4 compile fixes in in the 
-fixes branch.

> I was tempted to go for a current svn version and 
> was extraordinarily happy to see there was some kinda-sorta stable
> ("0.18.2") branch as well.

I think we should have done a 0.18.2 tarball a while back, not sure its worth 
it at this point in time... But that's another story...

> However, I was slightly disappointed 
> when I encountered the same error after another 3-hour compilation session.

I'd strongly advise checking out ccache...

> So if you or someone else has a clue what I might have done wrong, I
> wouldn't mind getting called an idiot as long as you let me participate
> in your insights... ;-)

# find / -name "*myth*"

There has to be something old still on your system somewhere. I presume you 
halted all running myth processes at the same time you removed everything? 
Something memory-resident is the only other thing that really makes sense 
outside of having an old libmyth still on your system somewhere.

Jarod Wilson
jarod at wilsonet.com
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