[mythtv-users] 0.18.1-fixes library version conflict

Torsten Crass torsten.crass at eBiology.de
Fri Dec 16 22:05:02 EST 2005

Hi Petr,

> make sure "libmyth*" is not installed and recompile once again. The
> error message is very clear.

first of all: thanks for your reply! However, your suggestion is
basically what I have done anyway (thanks to the very clear error
message... ;-). At least I *think* I so.

OK, I must admit that I've had Matt Zimmerman's Debian packages
installed while they were still available. But since I want my MythBox
to replace the DVD player, too, I was eager to get MythPlugins up and
running. So I "dpkg-removed" all myth-related stuff, dropped the MySQL
database, donwloaded the 0.18.1 tarballs and compiled them. After
messing around with a number of segfaults and invalid pointer warnings
(glibc 4.0, I presume) I was tempted to go for a current svn version and
was extraordinarily happy to see there was some kinda-sorta stable
("0.18.2") branch as well. Hence I downloaded the svn version as
described on svn.mythtv.org, and successively compiled mythtv,
myththemes and mythplugins. After stumbling over the aforementioned
clear error message, I "made uninstall" mythtv, myththemes and
mythplugins, "made distclean" likewise and finally realy rm'ed
everything which "find" found on my hard disk to have "myth" in its name
("myst" was, of course, a typo in my previous posting -- I'm a big fan
of Myst and similar games... :-). However, I was slightly disappointed
when I encountered the same error after another 3-hour compilation session.

So if you or someone else has a clue what I might have done wrong, I
wouldn't mind getting called an idiot as long as you let me participate
in your insights... ;-)

Definitely bed time now (4 a.m.)!

All the best --


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