[mythtv-users] 0.18.1-fixes library version conflict

Torsten Crass torsten.crass at eBiology.de
Sat Dec 17 20:03:10 EST 2005

Hi Jarod,

> You still have an old libmyth laying around somewhere, there is no other
> explanation. I've upgraded several systems from stock 0.18.1 to the -fixes
> version, and I wouldn't have checked the stuff into the -fixes branch if
> they
> didn't work. :)

hey, cool, thanks for alle the effort you guys are spending developing
Myth! I'm sure it really rocks -- once you get it up and running... ;-)

> That would be gcc 4, not glibc 4, but yes, many gcc 4 compile fixes in in
> the
> -fixes branch.

Oh, the whole "fixes" branch compiles well using gcc 4 -- but it
definitely was glibc 4 complaining about "invalid pointer"s when I tried
launching my gcc 3.4-compiled 0.18.1 frontend...

> I think we should have done a 0.18.2 tarball a while back, not sure its
> worth
> it at this point in time... But that's another story...

That's a little bit confusing indeed -- the svn.mythtv.org website talks
about the "stable 0.18.2 branch", whereas the svn repositories are called
"0.18-fixes" and, furthermore, the compiled software itself claims to be
version "0.18.2005something"...

> I'd strongly advise checking out ccache...

Ah! I must admit that I'm only moderately familiar with linux, but I've
heared about man pages before, so I definitely will check it out!

> # find / -name "*myth*"

I did *almost* exaclty that; however, after realising that finding just
"myth*" is not enough (we're talking about >lib<myth, aren't we?! ;-), I
also searched for "libmyth*", but not for "*myth*", so, yeah, I may still
have missed something.

> There has to be something old still on your system somewhere. I presume
> you
> halted all running myth processes at the same time you removed everything?

You presume correctly; at least "# ps -e | grep myth" didn't show up with

> Something memory-resident is the only other thing that really makes sense
> outside of having an old libmyth still on your system somewhere.

Thanks for all your comments! Since you're the Master of the Fixes, I
really value your advice and will try it out the things you suggested
first thing tomorrow morning, X-mas time and family issues permitting.

Good night (got late again -- damn Win XP is not liking my new SATA hdd...
I hope Linux will peroform better with regard to this...) --


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