[mythtv-users] Out of spec FSB speeds for a P3?

Mike Wafkowski mikeyw at sohogurus.net
Fri Dec 16 12:27:18 EST 2005

Hi Piers - Intel locked the multiplier and the cpu just ignores the settings
from the MB. As far as why the settings are there...I don't actually know,
there were, "back in the day"a fair amount of unlocked "engineering samples"
that were around but I doubt if that is the reason. I'm guessing the reason
is legacy, same as why parallel ports, FDs etc. on new PCs.

I'm to lazy today to google you up an answer 8^)

I'm personally running a P3 550 slot 1 at 616 MHz (5.5 x 112 MHz) as a FE
machine but I suspect it might be a bit "light" for a BE machine. You might
get by with using a TV card with hardware encoding and you didn't need to be
watching TV while you're recording something. I'm sure you'll get feedback
from people who've  tried running a FE/BE system on such a machine.

Mike Wafkowski

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> Hmm I seem to remember something about this - does this still apply to
> my board that sets the multipiler via DIP switches?  Or does the DIP
> switches just tell the processor what multipiler to use and the
> processor can ignore this?  So what's the point of having DIP switches
> that sets the multipiler on the motherboard?  Yes I do know half of the
> switches sets the FSB speed, I'm referring to the other half that sets
> the multipiler.
> If so, will non HDTV MythTV work fine on a P3 500 on a 100MHz FSB?
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