[mythtv-users] Out of spec FSB speeds for a P3?

Chris Ribe chrisribe at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 09:22:04 EST 2005

I have a PII 450 w/ a 100Mhz FSB that I used as a frontend with KnoppMyth
last year.  It couldn't handle 720x480 MPEG2, but it could get by 512x320 or
so.  (I forget the exact resolution I was using).

On 12/16/05, Mike Wafkowski <mikeyw at sohogurus.net> wrote:
> Hi Piers - Intel locked the multiplier and the cpu just ignores the
> settings
> from the MB. As far as why the settings are there...I don't actually know,
> there were, "back in the day"a fair amount of unlocked "engineering
> samples"
> that were around but I doubt if that is the reason. I'm guessing the
> reason
> is legacy, same as why parallel ports, FDs etc. on new PCs.
> I'm to lazy today to google you up an answer 8^)
> I'm personally running a P3 550 slot 1 at 616 MHz (5.5 x 112 MHz) as a FE
> machine but I suspect it might be a bit "light" for a BE machine. You
> might
> get by with using a TV card with hardware encoding and you didn't need to
> be
> watching TV while you're recording something. I'm sure you'll get feedback
> from people who've  tried running a FE/BE system on such a machine.
> Peace,
> Mike Wafkowski
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> > Hmm I seem to remember something about this - does this still apply to
> > my board that sets the multipiler via DIP switches?  Or does the DIP
> > switches just tell the processor what multipiler to use and the
> > processor can ignore this?  So what's the point of having DIP switches
> > that sets the multipiler on the motherboard?  Yes I do know half of the
> > switches sets the FSB speed, I'm referring to the other half that sets
> > the multipiler.
> >
> > If so, will non HDTV MythTV work fine on a P3 500 on a 100MHz FSB?
> >
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