[mythtv-users] Mythtranscode doesn't rename and delete .tmp files after Slave transcode

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Dec 15 21:02:04 EST 2005

jeff leads wrote:

>I have knoppmyth running on my backend server and I'm
>also running the Mythfrontend on my PC (SUSE 10). I
>have my PC setup to flag commercials and to transcode
>as it is much more powerful than my Knoppmyth box.
>I have /myth on my knoppmyth box shared via nfs. In
>/etc/exports I have:
> is my PC
>and I have /myth mounted via NFS on my PC. I can read
>and write in /mythtv/tv from my PC ok.
>I run mythjobqueue on my PC and it picks up Commercial
>Flagging and Transcode jobs just fine. However, when I
>do a transcode job on my main PC it does the transcode
>normally in /myth/tv and generates the
>/myth/tv/FILENAME.nuv.tmp on the backend box via NFS
>but doesnt rename the .tmp to the original file and
>remove the .tmp. This forces me to do the
>rename/delete manually.  I suspect it's not updating
>the database with the filesize as well because Mythweb
>still show the original files sizes for the file
>transcoded on my PC.
>When I transcode on my backend the .tmp files get
>renamed and deleted normally.
>Any Ideas where to look?
File system permissions?  Remember that NFS uses uid/gid instead of 
username/group name.  So, if the recordings are owned by mythtv:mythtv 
on the Myth box where uid and gid = 1001 and the mythtv user on your 
main PC is 1002, the "other" permissions will be used (and other most 
likely doesn't have write access).


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