[mythtv-users] Mythtranscode doesn't rename and delete .tmp files after Slave transcode

jeff leads jleads at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 15 22:57:13 EST 2005

Hi, I appreciate the response! :-)

In my /etc/exports entry on my backend I am sharing
/myth as uid 105 and gid 105 which is mythtv:mythtv. 
The gid and uid statements on the share force all
communications from my PC to write and read with that
permission (105) so I can read and write just fine
from my PC.  When mythtranscode runs on my PC it reads
the original X.nuv via nfs and writes the newly
transcoded X.nuv.tmp in the same directory /myth/tv
via nfs.  Have I missed something?

I have a hunch that while I'm not seeing my slave
backened PC delete the original X.nuv and rename the
X.nuv.tmp file to the original, that this is only part
of the problem.  I'm making the assumption that it is
a communication issue with my master backened but not
sure what all is needed.  

On my Slave Backend PC; Mythfrontend runs fine,
mythjobquue communicates with the backend jobqueue and
will accept jobs from it, I have NFS mounted to /myth
on the backend and can read and write as mythtv:mythtv
(uid and gid 105 on the backend).  What else is

What scripts run when doing a transcode?  There has to
be a portion that does the delete/rename that is not
getting executed properly because of some subtle
difference between my Slave and Master.

Help.  :-)

--- "Michael T. Dean" <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:

> jeff leads wrote:
> >I have knoppmyth running on my backend server and
> I'm
> >also running the Mythfrontend on my PC (SUSE 10). I
> >have my PC setup to flag commercials and to
> transcode
> >as it is much more powerful than my Knoppmyth box.
> >
> >I have /myth on my knoppmyth box shared via nfs. In
> >/etc/exports I have:
> >
> >/myth
> >,all_squash,anonuid=105,anongid=105)
> >
> > is my PC
> >
> >and I have /myth mounted via NFS on my PC. I can
> read
> >and write in /mythtv/tv from my PC ok.
> >
> >I run mythjobqueue on my PC and it picks up
> Commercial
> >Flagging and Transcode jobs just fine. However,
> when I
> >do a transcode job on my main PC it does the
> transcode
> >normally in /myth/tv and generates the
> >/myth/tv/FILENAME.nuv.tmp on the backend box via
> >but doesnt rename the .tmp to the original file and
> >remove the .tmp. This forces me to do the
> >rename/delete manually.  I suspect it's not
> updating
> >the database with the filesize as well because
> Mythweb
> >still show the original files sizes for the file
> >transcoded on my PC.
> >
> >When I transcode on my backend the .tmp files get
> >renamed and deleted normally.
> >
> >Any Ideas where to look?
> >  
> >
> File system permissions?  Remember that NFS uses
> uid/gid instead of 
> username/group name.  So, if the recordings are
> owned by mythtv:mythtv 
> on the Myth box where uid and gid = 1001 and the
> mythtv user on your 
> main PC is 1002, the "other" permissions will be
> used (and other most 
> likely doesn't have write access).
> Mike
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