[mythtv-users] Confused about video card

Nick knowledgejunkie at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 13:18:36 EST 2005

On 14/12/05, Micha Kersloot <micha at kovoks.nl> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm in the lucky possition to be able to test 2 different graphic cards
> in my system. I'm living in the Netherlands (PAL) and using 0.18.1 release.
> The two cards are a ATI Radeon RX9550 and a NVidia FX5200 both from MSI.
> I'm using the fglrx driver for the ATI and the nvidia driver for the...
> ehh nvidia ... card.
> I've found that the Ati card has quite a better quality output on my
> Television (SVIDEO) than the NVidia card. On the other side, BOB isn't
> working (a static 'screendump' flickering with the life stream) and i'm
> unable to do anything with overscan and/or shifting the output to center
> on my TV. Those functions are working on the nvidia card, but the
> quality is like vhs video quality.

The fglrx driver comes with a utility (you need to compile it yourself
though I think) that enables you to change overscan settings when
using TV-Out.


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