[mythtv-users] alternative GPU - graphics cardswith opensourcedrivers question

Bob spam at homeurl.co.uk
Thu Dec 15 09:44:57 EST 2005

Raphael Pooser wrote:
> Bob wrote:
>> Chad wrote:
>> 8< snip want S3 graphics card with open source drivers but can't find 
>> them except on VIA motherboards but would rather not buy a new MB.
>>> As for 'not wanting to get a new motherboard' I wouldn't worry too
>>> much (depending on why you are concerned ;) ).  I have found a couple
>>> of outlets where you can grab motherboards with the chipsets that
>>> support unichrome on them for ~20-30 bucks (that's less than the cost
>>> of an Nvidia standalone) that also have a few other niceties
>>> integrated.  I know, most of us are probably anti-integrated, but it
>>> really isn't so bad for 25 bucks ;)
>>> Go hunting for a board to suite your needs before ruling it out, you
>>> may be happy with your find.
>> I appreciate the fact that a new motherboard would be inexpensive but 
>> I also know the VIA chip-sets have been plagued by DMA problems, have 
>> they fixed them?  Can you recommend a good VIA board for AMD k7s with 
>> Unichrome GPU, Gigabit LAN, P4 style heat-sync mounting holes in the 
>> MB and working DMA?
> The KM400 chipset has unichrome.  It is the KT400 with the integrated 
> graphics added as the only difference.  As far as I know the KT400 has 
> no DMA issues.  In fact, I had 3 via boards and none of them had 
> issues.  One was an old socket 7 mvp3, one was a kt266, and one was a 
> kt400.  All handled DMA just fine.  I would say you are safe using the 
> km400 for this.  It's definitely not a guarantee that if you get a via 
> board you will have dma problems.  Then again, my good experience with 
> them won't guarantee you will get perfect boards though.  But my 
> understanding is it's only with very old chipsets and the problem is not 
> so prevalent these days.
> Now, a K7 board with P4 mounting holes, unicrome, AND GB Lan, I have no 
> clue about the existence of a board like that as these matx boards 
> generally aren't for the cooling-heavy, and hence don't sport the holes.
> Raphael

OK, thanks for the feedback, I’ll keep an eye out for one for testing 
and either Freecycle an ECS board as mentioned up ^^ there or more 
likely I’ll drop in an Duron 700 I’ve got somewhere and have a go at 
setting up asterisk.

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