[mythtv-users] alternative GPU - graphics cards with opensourcedrivers question

Raphael Pooser rpooser at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 11:09:30 EST 2005

Bob wrote:

> Chad wrote:
> 8< snip want S3 graphics card with open source drivers but can't find 
> them except on VIA motherboards but would rather not buy a new MB.
>> As for 'not wanting to get a new motherboard' I wouldn't worry too
>> much (depending on why you are concerned ;) ).  I have found a couple
>> of outlets where you can grab motherboards with the chipsets that
>> support unichrome on them for ~20-30 bucks (that's less than the cost
>> of an Nvidia standalone) that also have a few other niceties
>> integrated.  I know, most of us are probably anti-integrated, but it
>> really isn't so bad for 25 bucks ;)
>> Go hunting for a board to suite your needs before ruling it out, you
>> may be happy with your find.
> I appreciate the fact that a new motherboard would be inexpensive but 
> I also know the VIA chip-sets have been plagued by DMA problems, have 
> they fixed them?  Can you recommend a good VIA board for AMD k7s with 
> Unichrome GPU, Gigabit LAN, P4 style heat-sync mounting holes in the 
> MB and working DMA?

The KM400 chipset has unichrome.  It is the KT400 with the integrated 
graphics added as the only difference.  As far as I know the KT400 has 
no DMA issues.  In fact, I had 3 via boards and none of them had 
issues.  One was an old socket 7 mvp3, one was a kt266, and one was a 
kt400.  All handled DMA just fine.  I would say you are safe using the 
km400 for this.  It's definitely not a guarantee that if you get a via 
board you will have dma problems.  Then again, my good experience with 
them won't guarantee you will get perfect boards though.  But my 
understanding is it's only with very old chipsets and the problem is not 
so prevalent these days.
Now, a K7 board with P4 mounting holes, unicrome, AND GB Lan, I have no 
clue about the existence of a board like that as these matx boards 
generally aren't for the cooling-heavy, and hence don't sport the holes.

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