[mythtv-users] Hardware confusion

Simon Lundell simon.lundell at his.se
Tue Dec 13 13:44:44 EST 2005

Hi all!

I'm currently in planning to build a second mythbox. I would like it to 
recieve either DVB-T or DVB-C pay-TV. I called the support of the major 
providers here (Sweden) i.e. Boxer (DVB-T), Viasat (DVB-S) and 
CanalDigital (DVB-S). They knew little to nothing about recieving 
channels other ways than through their boxes. Boxer seems to have an 
CA-module approved for decoding their channels. I guess the other two 
might work but they have not tested, for whatever reason.

The things I need som help with is which DVB card and motherboard to 
chose. I think tha twinhan cards might be very good value for money, if 
they work. Is it possible to use any of these:

Twinhan card with onboard card slot, for DVB-S 
And, does it work for CanalDigital (conex i think) or Viasat (might have 
been called something like netguard).

Or, is it possible to get the DVB-T version to run under linux/myth?
http://www.twinhan.com/product_terrestrial_4.asp (Boxer use viaaccess i 

Are there any recomendations on CPU and Motherboard. In my current box i 
have an athlon 2GHz, which seems to be doing just fine. Is 64 bits the 
way to go now? I guess the processor load is quite moderate, unless you 
want to do some HDTV stuff?

Anyway, are there any recomendations on motherboards? Preferebly with 
many PCI-slots, SATA, and integrated audio.

I think i will buy the silverstone LS17 (ATX) chassi, nice and quite cheap.

Best Wishes,

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