[mythtv-users] X Bad_alloc Error

R. Geoffrey Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Tue Dec 13 13:36:09 EST 2005

This is not an HD level signal. It is supposed to be a digital QAM256
signal captured by an HD3000 card from a cable feed.

I looked at (glanced at...) the xorg log. I will have to go back and take
a much closer look at it.

I have had the 'file handle' problem for a while, but I thought that it
was due to using live-tv-'broken' SVN builds...

But it may well be due to my attempting to get the HD3000 card running
(using the cx88-dvb driver). I suppose that there could be an interrupt
share problem. The mb is a VIA SP130000 with on-board nic and on-board
I will have to check the BIOS.

I suspect that it is not from that source, because this error only arose
recently. I brought the mythbox to work and changed the display config to
1280x1024 to work with my desk LCD screen....however, I also downloaded
and installed a new SVN build (8205) at that time. It was a complete
reinstall, including the mysql database...
I do not know enough about how X works to understand what is (not) going

It could be that the svn build lets me get further and further into the
code structure before messing up! At the moment I get the failure further
'in' than I have ever got before....... Reminds me of playing Doom or
such... GI Joe dead! Play again?


On Tue, 13 Dec 2005 08:51:09 -0800, Brad wrote:

>I've had similar problems.
>I'm curious if this is HD?  Also-  do you have any entries in your X log at
>the same time?
>(I'm also just going to say I had similar 'file handle' problems because the
>video card and Ethernet port were sharing the same IRQ, while this is still
>the case, that problem seems to have gone away with the BIOS set to 'assign
>IRQ to video'.)
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>> I'm experiencing an error which I cannot figure out.
>> This is a Via SP13000 motherboard, running Fedora 4 on
>> 2.6.14-1.1644_FC4
>> with mythtv svn 8205. I have xorg.conf set for 800x600 with 16 bit 
>> depth. These settings are down from 1280x1024x16 which was what I had 
>> set before things went bad.
>> Note that there is not output, yet, to TV.. this is only monitor 
>> output. I am at a loss to understand what is causing this.. Help  
>> gratefully accepted... Geoff
>I cannot speak about the exact cause of your error but it sounds like a lack
>of resources. Since you are running a svn version its anyones guess if you
>have a problem or its the current version in svn. Probably the best thing to
>do would be to fall back to the release version until you get it working and
>then try upgrading. Maybe by then, the problem will be gone from svn. :)

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