[mythtv-users] TV-out on PVR-350, Denmark, PAL.. any Danes here with a modprobe.conf?

Flemming André Frederiksen webmaster at faftech.dk
Mon Dec 12 16:52:46 EST 2005


I'm in Denmark and trying to setup my modprobe.conf, using a PVR-350 on a FC4.
Any Danes here who can paste a valid PAL setup for the PVR-350 (990)? plz

At one point I actually had a very nice picture on my 32" Panasonic 100 Hz TV, but somehow I lost it. Now I'm trying to eliminate the possibility of an improper modprobe.conf, so that I can move on to the rest of the configuration.

I have mostly been following this Howto: http://www.wilsonet.com/mythtv/fcmyth.php on a FC4 as described. Also tried the KnoppMyth, but I like to do it myself, so that I can finetune the installation.

Eventually I will move on to Debian, but for now I will test the FC4 mythtv-suite, yum has actually become really nice. Need to make more research on the debian setup.

Today I'v used a few hours setting up a Danish discussion forum, so that I can keep track of the progress. The site will also be useful for other purposes, like having a place where Danes can share configurations and experiences. The main purpose is to write and share danish documentation, like howtos and tutorials, and of-course the forum.

Plz feel free to join in and share your knowledge, could really need some examples of modprobe.conf :)

The site does not contain much, as it's very new, only spent a few hours setting it up.The categories are made mainly from memory, not from a site plan, so they might be illogical. If you have desires or ideas please contribute and tell me what the site needs, so that it can become helpful for the community. I got tired of not being able to find any danish website with mythtv related knowledge, so I ended up creating this one on a subdomain. If members will join, and the site becomes active, I will buy a domain-name for the site.

Till then, thank you for your time.

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