[mythtv-users] PAL tv output PVR350; X display screen size is to small

Cudeso MailList cudeso4list at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 12 15:23:42 EST 2005

Brad DerManouelian wrote:

>>Manually set your GUI size. Utilities/Setup->Setup->Appearance->Next
>>I have the same setup as you, but using NTSC. I set my GUI to:
>>width 642
>>height 455
>>X offset 34
>>Y offset 15
>>I got these numbers through trial and error and these work best for  me.
>>I had to choose an OSD theme that didn't cut off on the sides too  much,
>>as well. I'm using Titivillus-OSD, but with PAL, you might have  better
>>luck with others.

That did it, in combination with a better theme it fits nicely on my (old) 


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