[mythtv-users] Pluto!

Glen Johnson gjohnson at vhcc.edu
Mon Dec 12 15:35:12 EST 2005

I've been playing with Pluto a bit lately.
The one problem I've ran into is that it didn't autoinstall ivtv and the
drivers for the two pvr-350 cards in my system.
Not sure if it not supposed to do that or not.  I found some info in the
Pluto forum about compiling ivtv but it didn't work and I've not had a
lot of time to troubleshoot it.
It also could be the junk via system board I'm using.
Unless I can get that resolved, I'll not go any further with it.

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Andrew Close wrote:
> On 12/10/05, Joshua Lewis <jmlewis at dslextreme.com> wrote:
>>Back story:
>>I am building a house in KY (insert Red Neck Joke Here!) and am
>>the house around homeentertainment.
> no red neck jokes. :)  i'm jealous and envious.  i wanna build a home
like that!
>>quad CAT6 drops in every room
>>Dual AV jacks in every room
>>Built in speakers in lots of rooms
>>MythTV in the basement
>>dumb terminals at each TV.
>>Then I found another product called Pluto. www.plutohome.com
>>It uses MythTV for Tivo like functionality. But uses other programs to
>>control the home. A smart home or Home automation. climate control,
>>Lights, TV, Astrik PBX, Security. All sorts of goodies.
>>It is completely open source. This seems to good to be true. Has
>>used MythTV and Pluto and have any experiances to share?
>>Pluto can use bluetooth from your handheld or Cell phone to have your
>>MythTV program follow you from room to room to room. Cool. Ok I need
>>stop watching so much TV.
> as others have mentioned there are a couple Pluto threads floating
> around.  one turn off is that the bluetooth phone has to be a Symbian
> OS phone i believe.  that limits your choices a bit.  Pluto's MythTv
> functionality is a watered down version of Myth.  both of those
> statements are hearsay, i 'believe' i read them in other posts or on
> some other forum as i've never played with Pluto myself.  although i
> have checked out their website and if i had the time and money, would
> play around with it. :)
> good luck with the house.  i'd love more details/updates. :)
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i'd be very curious to know if anyone has actually gotten plutohome to 
do much. maybe i'm just a little slow, but i can't seem to configure any

of my X10 stuff with their "easy to use" but utterly confusing web 

however, if you have a bunch of wireless windows CE devices lying around

to use as remotes, the touchscreen interfaces (orbiters) are pretty

as far as myth functionality, pluto has its own interface for music and 
videos, so it only uses myth for live tv and recordings. actually, the 
orbiters just have a button that launches myth, and a remote interface 
that pushes keyboard strokes to myth when buttons are pressed.

overall, installation with the kickstart cd was easy, though you may 
have serious problems that are very difficult to debug. also you can 
probably expect to spend a lot of time configuring things, especially if

you find the web interface as confusing as i did.
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