[mythtv-users] Re: No sound from HD-3000 sometime after svn 7031,

Shermann Min shermann at aya.yale.edu
Mon Dec 12 12:35:42 EST 2005

> Take a deep breath, move up to DVB.

I thought I'd update you guys, as well as anyone else who at some
point followed this thread. So I finally took my deep breath and 
and upgraded to Suse 10.

For those of you out there also planning to upgrade, this is what
happened to me. I chose the upgrade route rather than a clean
install. All went smoothly except nvidia and sound drivers 
wouldn't install (hung on modprobe), and tuner cards were
detected and seemingly configured by Yast correctly but not 
working properly with Myth.

I finally traced it to the ivtv drivers for my PVR-250 (I have
ivtv-0.3.7c-3, ivtv-firmware-2.02.023-1, & perl-Video-ivtv-0.13-2
packages installed). I tried swapping around PCI slots and 
finally ended up just pulling out the PVR-250 card altogether
since I rarely  watch analog cable these days anyway. That solved 
all problems. 

So... HD-3000 card is now using DVB drivers, I'm on SVN 8152, and
all of my previous problems appear to be solved. Myth is able to 
scan for channels automatically, subchannel tuning works again.
I'm even still using the underscore notation. There's a weirdness
with mythtv-setup complaining that the card is tuned to a 
nonexistent channel but that might be a DB data problem.

In any case, thanks for your help. I have yet to search the 
archives for ivtv issues, so I'll do that next. I should add that
during the several days when my system was (seemingly) utterly 
nonfunctioning in terms of PVR functionality, it was working
enough such that mythbackend still recorded shows off the HD


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> On 11/2/05, Shermann Min <shermann at aya.yale.edu> wrote:
> Thanks for the advice. Regarding subchannel tuning, I cleared
> out my channels and did a fresh scan last night. No luck--still
> just tunes to subchannel 1 even though the OSD claims it's on
> subchannel 2 or 3, unfortunately. Any other ideas? 

The log data gives a little more information.  It looks like you 
are still using V4L driver(s) for the HD-3000 card.  The giveaway 
is the "/dev/dtv", but I wouldn't bet any money on it because it's 
been over a year since I used a kernel older than 2.6.12.  You 
could include the output from "uname -a", then we would all know 
for sure.  The system log, from boot-up to HD-3000 registration, 
would also be of great interest.

So, until either I can see that you are using DVB drivers, or you 
move up to a kernel that includes DVB support for the HD-3000, 
I'll wait here.  The 2_1, 9_1, 9_2, etc. notation is something 
that, after I got rid of it, BOTH the HD-3000 AND the HD-5000 
cards worked very well.  Not without an occassional glitch, but 
every problem so far has either been easily fixed or otherwise 

Take a deep breath, move up to DVB.

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