[mythtv-users] Multiple Myth Backends on different cable lineups?

Dave Packham dave.packham at utah.edu
Mon Dec 12 12:14:23 EST 2005

I need to try to setup up two backends in different cities and record
content from both of them to be played back on only one frontend/backend

System 1  	Solo backend no frontend.  cap card with tv lineup #1

System 2	Front/Backend system with local 2 cap card with tv
lineup #2.

Can I setup the backend on system 1 to point its DB to system 2 for
recording and guide info.  Then record the video file to a local HD
"/video/tv" when would then be transferred to the System 2 via scp or
rsync to a similar named directory structure "/video/tv" on system2 for
local playback? 

I know that the show could not be watched live and would give an error
if I tried to watch it live,  but after copy it would reside on the
local server for playback from the recorded area?

Can this work?

And how would I go about merging the two TV listing lineups?  Can I make
one of them start at 200 or something?

I can transfer files at 1.1megs between the two systems so I don't think
that's enough to watch TV from a live stream. 

Any thoughts?


Dave Packham

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