[mythtv-users] Multiple time zone scheduling question

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Sun Dec 11 20:36:01 EST 2005

Allan McIntosh wrote:
>>>    I have a satallite (ExpressVu) which offers many channels in many 
>>> time zones too choose from when recording.  For example, typically I 
>>> record  Grey's Anatomy every sunday at 7pm using "Record this program 
>>> in this time slot every week." 
>> Why? To what end? Record anytime on any channel and it will grab
>> the first convenient showing of each episode.
> I built my first mythbox this fall, therefore practically every episode 
> of everyshow has never been recorded.
> I tried that with the Simpson's today and myth planned to record a 3 
> year old episode at 5pm instead of the episode at 8pm with today as the 
> origional air date. Not mention 3 episodes a day from here on.  I really 
> only want to record one episode a week, but chosing " Find and record 
> one showing of this title each week."  may end up recording an old show 
> on tuesday or today for that matter.  Not sunday's new episode.

I see. This is an entirely different topic than your first post
even hints at. You're not getting 3 episodes per day for "Grey's
Anatomy" are you?

So now on to this new topic:

> Perhaps what I am looking for is "Find and record an origional airing" 
> or something.

That's a duplicate matching option rather than a recording type.
In the recording options "Scheduling Options", the item for where
to look for dups has "Record new episodes only" which is normally
in the first 14 days from the original air date.

>>> For most shows, new episodes appear on certain days of the week.  
>> So what? There is no reason to use undue restraint. The only
>> reason to use a timeslot is to avoid considering other showings
>> at other time or from other stations (The Simpsons at 8pm Sunday's
>> on FOX for example).
> Okay,  but I would like to include other showings at other times or from 
> other stations but only today when the new episodes come out.

But "today" isn't significant, "new episodes" is. For example, we
know that Survivor has new episodes on Thursday, right? So if you
made a rule to just record Survivor on Thursday's only, depending
on when you read this, you may have already missed the one time only
season finale Sunday night.


program.title LIKE 'Survivor: %'
AND DAYNAME(program.starttime) = 'Thursday'

This would record any time or channel on Thursday but it's the
wrong solution. We could also create a rule to only record on
the originalairdate and that may catch a new MythBusters at 9pm
for it's first airing but if there were a conflict, it couldn't
choose the 2am rebroadcast (next day's date) or any other showing

I may have put you on the defensive by asking 'to what end?" but
the point is, put round pegs in round holes. If you want to record
on other channels and other times, don't choose the type that was
created for the purpose of excluding the possibility of matching
other channels or other times (that's the square peg BTW ;-).

--  bjm

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