[mythtv-users] Multiple time zone scheduling question

Allan McIntosh amcintosh at atreus-systems.com
Sun Dec 11 17:53:06 EST 2005

>>    I have a satallite (ExpressVu) which offers many channels in many 
>> time zones too choose from when recording.  For example, typically I 
>> record  Grey's Anatomy every sunday at 7pm using "Record this program 
>> in this time slot every week." 
> Why? To what end? Record anytime on any channel and it will grab
> the first convenient showing of each episode.

I built my first mythbox this fall, therefore practically every episode 
of everyshow has never been recorded.
I tried that with the Simpson's today and myth planned to record a 3 
year old episode at 5pm instead of the episode at 8pm with today as the 
origional air date. Not mention 3 episodes a day from here on.  I really 
only want to record one episode a week, but chosing " Find and record 
one showing of this title each week."  may end up recording an old show 
on tuesday or today for that matter.  Not sunday's new episode.

Perhaps what I am looking for is "Find and record an origional airing" 
or something.

>> Is "Record this program in this time slot every week." actually 
>> "Record this program in this time slot on this channel every week." 
>> or will myth find and record  on any channel this time slot ?
> Actually, it's on this station so any channel with the same
> callsign. IOW if I had a Weekslot for "The Apprentice" on KVBC,
> it could use analog 3 KVBC or digital 123 KVBC.

>> For most shows, new episodes appear on certain days of the week.  
> So what? There is no reason to use undue restraint. The only
> reason to use a timeslot is to avoid considering other showings
> at other time or from other stations (The Simpsons at 8pm Sunday's
> on FOX for example).

Okay,  but I would like to include other showings at other times or from 
other stations but only today when the new episodes come out.

>> it be hard to add record option like "Find and record one showing of 
>> this title this day each week."?  This would also be nice because 
> kFindDaily and kFindWeekly were implemented long ago and are most
> useful for shows with multiple broadcasts but no descriptions or
> inconsistent descriptive info.
> See: http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-12.html

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