[mythtv-users] Multiple time zone scheduling question

Allan McIntosh amcintosh at atreus-systems.com
Sun Dec 11 13:15:40 EST 2005

    I have a satallite (ExpressVu) which offers many channels in many 
time zones too choose from when recording.  For example, typically I 
record  Grey's Anatomy every sunday at 7pm using "Record this program in 
this time slot every week." This way we may watch it earlier than 10pm.  
Tonight however the 7pm showing is not on and I had to manually record 
the 10pm showing. " At times, some shows air on as many as 4 channels as 
much  3 or 4  times in a 5 hour time slot.

Is "Record this program in this time slot every week." actually "Record 
this program in this time slot on this channel every week." or will myth 
find and record  on any channel this time slot ?

For most shows, new episodes appear on certain days of the week. Would 
it be hard to add record option like "Find and record one showing of 
this title this day each week."?  This would also be nice because 
sometimes shows air at 2am on the same day which would be mean this 
option could capture the shows much sooner for me.

I would like to avoid creating many recording schedules for the same 
show if possible. 

Are recording options based in the code or are they database entries?


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