[mythtv-users] Is there any ordering dependency between transcodingand commflagging?

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Sun Dec 11 03:29:28 EST 2005

    Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2005 23:37:01 -0700
    From: "Mike Grusin" <mgrusin at comcast.net>

    I do the same thing; record in MP2 and transcode to MP4. I vaguely remember
    trying to comflag first and then transcode, and remember having some
    problems (perhaps it forget the comflag information?).  Now I transcode THEN
    comflag, and things work perfectly.  I'm new, so don't consider me an
    authoritative source. ;)

How did you set it up such that transcoding happened first?
My problem is that both try to run at once... :)

(-And- that transcoding makes the audio very quiet, -and- that Myth
chooses randomly which host to transcode on and then complains it
can't cope if it chooses the slave backend, -and- that playing those
transcoded files blows up mplayer and the window system along with it,
-and- that transcoding errors leave entries in the job queue that
nobody seems to know how to delete.  So I'm probably going to turn
transcoding off unless I can get solutions to any of these; I've
mentioned them on this list, but nobody has suggested any

    "All" works very well for me here, using the above sequence.

Maybe I'm just unlucky.  I'll try recording some longer stuff and see
how it goes.

								  I auto-skip,
    but I don't destructively cut because there are rare times I want to check
    back during the commercial (for "Next week on a very special E.R." mostly)
    that it's worth keeping things intact.

    What I'd like to know, is if there's an easy way to toggle auto-skip on and
    off while watching a recording?  Rewinding into the commercial zone, you
    have to be very careful not to hit that first "jump" or it helpfully
    shuttles you around it again...

Can't help you there, but I hope someone can.

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