[mythtv-users] Is there any ordering dependency between transcodingand commflagging?

Mike Grusin mgrusin at comcast.net
Sun Dec 11 01:37:01 EST 2005

I do the same thing; record in MP2 and transcode to MP4. I vaguely remember
trying to comflag first and then transcode, and remember having some
problems (perhaps it forget the comflag information?).  Now I transcode THEN
comflag, and things work perfectly.  I'm new, so don't consider me an
authoritative source. ;)

"All" works very well for me here, using the above sequence.  I auto-skip,
but I don't destructively cut because there are rare times I want to check
back during the commercial (for "Next week on a very special E.R." mostly)
that it's worth keeping things intact.

What I'd like to know, is if there's an easy way to toggle auto-skip on and
off while watching a recording?  Rewinding into the commercial zone, you
have to be very careful not to hit that first "jump" or it helpfully
shuttles you around it again...


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> Subject: [mythtv-users] Is there any ordering dependency between
> transcodingand commflagging?
> In 0.18.1:
> I'd like to do commflagging and transcoding from MEGP2->MPEG4.
> I was originally thinking that I needed to commflag first, then
> transcode, but the behavior of Myth when I try (it does both at
> once, or tries to), makes me wonder if I need to worry about this
> ordering at all.
> So does commflagging care if it flags an MPEG2 stream but then gets
> used on an MPEG4 stream?  Is its cutlist still going to be as accurate?
> Is it more efficient to run it on one kind of file or the other?  Or
> should I not care and just let both happen on the same file at the
> same time and everything will just work fine?
> Thanks...
> P.S.  Note that I'm -not- automatically cutting during the transcode,
> and probably won't unless I have more assurance that commflagging is
> accurate for the things I'm recording (and it seems way wrong for a
> lot of the US network shows I've tried it on, which is interesting---
> I'm using "All" for its settings and I'm surprised its performance
> seems so haphazard given that everyone else seems to have no problems
> with it...).  So since I'm not automatically cutting, it's not going
> to save any transcoding time if I commflag first, for instance.  Tnx.

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