[mythtv-users] Is there any ordering dependency betweentranscodingand commflagging?

Mike Grusin mgrusin at comcast.net
Sun Dec 11 11:56:44 EST 2005

> How did you set it up such that transcoding happened first?
> My problem is that both try to run at once... :)

(looking...) yep, checkbox in mythsetup / general / job queue (Global): "Run
Transcode Jobs before Auto-Commercial Flagging".

> (-And- that transcoding makes the audio very quiet, -and- that Myth
> chooses randomly which host to transcode on and then complains it
> can't cope if it chooses the slave backend, -and- that playing those
> transcoded files blows up mplayer and the window system along with it,
> -and- that transcoding errors leave entries in the job queue that
> nobody seems to know how to delete.  So I'm probably going to turn
> transcoding off unless I can get solutions to any of these; I've
> mentioned them on this list, but nobody has suggested any
> possibilities...)

Sorry about your problems, it could be that my system is much simpler (a
single FEBE without any extra modules added yet), but transcode works as
advertised here.  I assume you have a hauppage card that generates MPEG2?
Here are my settings if you want to try them (I've set them for high-quality
recording even if it takes forever to transcode, which it does), BUT it
sounds like you may have more serious problems with your setup.

mpeg2 encoders
profile name default
auto transcode after recording yes
width 720
height 480
codec mpeg2 hardware encoder
stream type dvd special 2
aspect 4:3
bitrate 6000
max bitrate 8000
sampling rate 48000
type layer 2
bitrate 384 kbps
volume 95

transcoders from mpeg2
profile name mpeg2
resize video while transcoding no
width 720
height 480
codec mpeg4
bitrate 2200
max quality 2
min quality 15
max q diff between frames 3
scale bitrate for frame size y
enable hi-quality encoding y
enable interlaced DCT encoding y
enable 4MV encoding
enable interlaced motion estimation
codec mp3
sampling rate 32000
mpeg quality 7
volume 90

Hope this helps, good luck! -MG

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