[mythtv-users] STAY AWAY FROM WI-FI !!!

Todd nospam at tippyturtle.com
Sun Dec 11 01:40:40 EST 2005

Jeez, all this bottom to top posting is making my dizzy.  I will try my hand at it.

Anyway, what the previous guy said.  Any single WEP, WPA or WPA2 packet will have your MAC and SSID in its header.  If you have a single machine associated with your AP, it will "heartbeat" within a minute and the snoops has everything they need.

Additionally, they will have an encrypted packet (or more likely since you are running Myth, about a zillion packets, which helps them greatly) to go attack offline at home.  They can come back a month later and be on your network within seconds.

All overkill if you ask me since about 60% of the networks in my neighborhood are wide open and 99% of the rest are running WEP.  My network isn't that interesting to a wardriver with access to the zillions of easily open networks...networks that probably also have Windows machines with Administrator passwords set to null.

Bottom Line:  Use WPA2 and forget about the other things that are a mess to maintain if you frequently have visitors.

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  And if that MAC is connected, as my remote stations always are they
  will not be successful spoofing a MAC.

  Umm no.  If your machine is always connected, it only makes it easier to figure out which MAC to spoof.  A few spoofed packets will knock your box off, and associate mine.

  Does it help. sure, but it should always be backed up with a non-broadcasted essid, and at least WPA.


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  On 12/8/05, Todd <nospam at tippyturtle.com> wrote:

  Not to fan the flames here...but...

  1.  MAC filtering is a joke, any bored 12 year old kid can spoof a trusted
  MAC.  So is thinking you are hidden by turning off broadcast SSID..etc.  If
  you have a machine talking to your AP, the snoop can see all they need to 

  But they have to know which MAC to spoof don't they.  

  And if that MAC is connected, as my remote stations always are they
  will not be successful spoofing a MAC.


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