[mythtv-users] STAY AWAY FROM WI-FI !!!

Franco mythtv at email.it
Thu Dec 8 15:07:38 EST 2005

> because you didn't do and RESEARCH before trying your wifi network.  

Well, 1-2 years ago, I researched and found the prism54
to be the recommended solution, so I went for that....

> Let me ask you this then.  If wifi is so bad and has so many 
> disadvantages, why did you even try to use it as your first choice??

At the time I wasn't aware of other options (probably there weren't any)
so it wasn't a choice... I HAD to :-)

> It was the easiest thing in the system.

I'm glad for you! :-)  It wasn't my case

> Everyone in the neighborhood 
> can see your computers huh?  Ever heard of Mac address filtering and WEP 
> or WPA encryption?  Your signal is too low?  Did you EVER even consider 
> getting an external antenna that connects to the SMA connector on your 
> wireless card?

I'm not concerned about the neighbourhood, I was answering
to the objection of another poster... as to the antenna yes, I have spent
money also on antennas with very low benefit (if any)....

> Put a $10-$20 antenna
> Put one router on floor 2 
> put another router as a repeater on the floor with the weakest signal.

Yes... buy, buy, buy... at the end, I found this other solution
that was easier and cheaper and most of all gives a stable connection

> For Christ's sake, I am absolutely amazed that you even got your mythtv 
> box up and running at all, someone who can't even do some simple 
> research and install a simple wireless network.

I love you :-)

> By the way I hate it when people send out emails with all caps subjects 
> telling the whole world to shun an entire industry because that person 
> was too inept to partake in it.  You probably noticed.

I was a bit uncertain about using an all caps subject, as I never do,
but I thought that in this case I had to. :-)
I had to acknowledge that when 1-2 years ago another poster warned
everybody about his terrible pain and suffering with wi-fi, I had 
to listen him.

Your solution - three wi-fi routers + special antennas + one wi-fi card
for each computer - requires a certain budget.
The other solution I've found is cheaper, more secure, gives a higher 
transfer rate, is stable and is also plug&play... why look for trouble?

> FWIW I can play livetv/recordings over 802.11g to my laptop *but* only 
> reasonably reliably when I'm in the living room (which is also where the 
> 802.11g) wireless router is.

That's what I am used to say. wi-fi works very well when the computers
are in the same room, in which case it is very easy to run a cable! :-)

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