[mythtv-users] STAY AWAY FROM WI-FI !!!

Raphael Pooser rpooser at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 16:03:23 EST 2005

Franco wrote:

>>because you didn't do and RESEARCH before trying your wifi network.  
>Well, 1-2 years ago, I researched and found the prism54
>to be the recommended solution, so I went for that....
Ok I'll admit 1-2 years it was not where it was today.  So why are you 
posting this all caps subject just begging for flames 1-2 years after 
the fact??

>>Let me ask you this then.  If wifi is so bad and has so many 
>>disadvantages, why did you even try to use it as your first choice??
>At the time I wasn't aware of other options (probably there weren't any)
>so it wasn't a choice... I HAD to :-)
there was a guy posting here earlier about using wireless routers as 
bridges.  People were working on this stuff 1 year ago for sure and were 
using it.  Not to say that then it would have been as easy to get 
working as now though.

>>For Christ's sake, I am absolutely amazed that you even got your mythtv 
>>box up and running at all, someone who can't even do some simple 
>>research and install a simple wireless network.
>I love you :-)
Just giving props to the howto guys; I love them, and you too. :)

>>By the way I hate it when people send out emails with all caps subjects 
>>telling the whole world to shun an entire industry because that person 
>>was too inept to partake in it.  You probably noticed.
>I was a bit uncertain about using an all caps subject, as I never do,
>but I thought that in this case I had to. :-)
>I had to acknowledge that when 1-2 years ago another poster warned
>everybody about his terrible pain and suffering with wi-fi, I had 
>to listen him.
Again, I may be missing something, I'm not going to say I'm the 
brightest light in the chandelier -I'm more of an incandescent type- so 
I have to ask why the inflammatory email 1-2 years later?

>Your solution - three wi-fi routers + special antennas + one wi-fi card
>for each computer - requires a certain budget.
>The other solution I've found is cheaper, more secure, gives a higher 
>transfer rate, is stable and is also plug&play... why look for trouble?
No no my solution is at most 2 routers.  Maybe I typed it wrong or 
something but what I meant I'll reoutline: first you can check if you 
can get by on one router on the second floor with a good antenna.  If 
that doesn't work try one on floor 3 and one on floor 1 or one on floor 
2 and one on the weakest floor.  You say potato I say potato; from my 
point of view it's more elegant than power lines.  True the antennas may 
not be cheap in some cases for a quality one.  I've looked into various 
over-the-power-lines network adapters myself and often found they're not 
cheaper than a wireless router.  These days you can get umpteen 
different brand routers for single digits or at least ~$20 after rebates 
if you looks hard enough.  Anyway it's moot since you found another way, 
and congrats to you, as long as it works(TM), but don't go and 
evangelize people away from wifi when it can be totally viable for them.

>>FWIW I can play livetv/recordings over 802.11g to my laptop *but* only 
>>reasonably reliably when I'm in the living room (which is also where the 
>>802.11g) wireless router is.
>That's what I am used to say. wi-fi works very well when the computers
>are in the same room, in which case it is very easy to run a cable! :-)
Hmm, well, I have to say, it all confuses me very much.  Wifi working 
very well is not limited to the same room.  The guy you just quoted also 
did not say wifi only works well in one room.  He said it works well in 
one room only for mythtv.  What you said after is a very wrong 
generalization.  Maybe it's limited to the same room to work well with 
mythtv - that's another story.  What I do know is that right now I'm in 
an industrial building with massive floors about 3-4 feet thick made 
with concrete and metal ducting throughout, and I use for my internet 
access a wireless router which is two floors up and 15m away from my 
position radially if you translate up in height by two floors.  Factor 
in the cinder block walls of several rooms that also block me, and I am 
left connecting at 36MBps.  Now, 36MBps is probably not enough for 
mythtv, but it sure does mean that wifi works well.

Anyway all this is moot as you have found another solution.  I'm glad 
you did and I'm glad when people get things working in linux.  Maybe I 
deserve a flame, maybe I don't.  What I can say is that your original 
post did deserve a flame especially for the kind of subject heading it 
had.  How can you go and make recommendations to people in this forum 
based on oudated advice from two years ago?  You know, linux, and the 
entire software and computer hardware world for that matter, moves kind 
of fast. No hard feelings though I hope.

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