[mythtv-users] STAY AWAY FROM WI-FI !!!

Franco mythtv at email.it
Thu Dec 8 19:05:29 EST 2005

> Ok I get it, more help less flame, but Franco was not asking for help.  
> He was out posting depricated advice at best.  At worst he was trying to 
> get people to stop using wifi because he is angry at the format due to 
> his bad past experiences.

Franco just wanted to let people know how happy he is now that he has
a working network, and prevent other people doing the same error...

> I actually do not believe that he worked for one year on this and could 
> not get it working.  After one year of work more than likely he would 
> have beat into working submission.

As I said in the original posting, I _got_ it "working" much better than
the native windows drivers, i.e., when the machines were booted under windows
they were basically non-networked while I could get 30 KB/sec under linux.

And I didn't work on it every day but this doesn't help the fact that every time 
during these 1-2 years that I had to do something over my LAN, I got stuck
with signal disappearing and/or insuffcient bandwith for doing other than
web surfing. They are two obviously distinct problems:

1) getting the cards to work under Linux. That wasn't easy and costed 
me some sleepless nights. 

2) an environment where the signal transmits bad. It may be the walls,
it may be electromagnetical noise, it may be something else but I'm not
the only one and you can't tell until you try.

It's a roulette, you have to spend the money for all the stuff and
do all the software configuration BEFORE discovering that you live 
in a place where wi-fi isn't adviceable

> why are you posting this all caps subject just begging for flames 1-2
> years after the fact??
> I have to ask why the inflammatory email 1-2 years later?
> How can you go and make recommendations to people in this forum 
> based on oudated advice from two years ago?

I didn't mean to make you - nor anybody else - "inflammate"...
think the ugly life I had with my home network till a few days ago...
as my life recently happily changed ;-) I felt it was my duty to:

a) tell everybody how much happy I am now
b) admit that the guy (don't remember the name) who was warning against wi-fi
   was right: I took the risk to ignore his warning, and I was unlucky.

> What you said after is a very wrong generalization.

Ther was a smiley (this: ":-)" )
I know that sometimes it works well, but as I said above
you don't know until you try, so why take the risk
now that - differently than 2 years ago - there are

Not everybody is a system guru like you; I'm sure that on 
this list there are a lot of linux beginners that just want 
to have they mythtv-network up and running and who may 
be glad to know that there is a quick-and-easy solution
that allows the network to work immediately without having
to compile kernel drivers, modifying startup script, etc. etc.

As to the all caps subject... I know, I violated the netiquette...
I believed that this information, as it could prevent people
to waste their money and time like I did, was enough important to 
justify the violation.


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