[mythtv-users] NUVEXPORT and cutpoints

Pascal Favre Pascal.Favre at gmx.net
Fri Dec 9 13:02:07 EST 2005

>> 4)  I've noticed that Xine doesn't seem to understand the length of
>> the file... if I bring up the information text, the bar that shows the
>> % of the file is correct, but the time is wrong (i.e. it might show
>> that I'm 7 minutes into a 15 minute program, but I'm really 21 minutes
>> into a 45 minute program.  I know that my NUVEXPORT version is a
>> little old (cvs20050221) but I don't see anything in the revision log
>> that looks likely to have fixed it.  Is this currently expected
>> behavior?  Or is there something wrong I need to figure out?
> Pretty sure this is an artifact of a VBR encoding.

I see this also happen with half of the DVDs I played.

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