[mythtv-users] NUVEXPORT and cutpoints

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Fri Dec 9 12:44:01 EST 2005

> 1)  Is this still necessary, or am I doing a little extra needless work?

never was.  nuvexport reencodes, it's not lossless unless you use the 
mpeg2cut function..  and even then, mpeg2cut calls avidemux, which can 
reencode frames around the ones you cut out, without cutting at a GOP 
boundary..  and the reason why the semi-obscure lvemux was used for 
remultiplexing is that it can handle putting things back together in a 
way so as not to get av sync issues.

> 3)  What about the first and last frame of the recording?  Should
> there be cutpoints at those locations, or can a cutpoint be
> open-ended?

I believe that myth puts them in if you leave them out.

> 4)  I've noticed that Xine doesn't seem to understand the length of
> the file... if I bring up the information text, the bar that shows the
> % of the file is correct, but the time is wrong (i.e. it might show
> that I'm 7 minutes into a 15 minute program, but I'm really 21 minutes
> into a 45 minute program.  I know that my NUVEXPORT version is a
> little old (cvs20050221) but I don't see anything in the revision log
> that looks likely to have fixed it.  Is this currently expected
> behavior?  Or is there something wrong I need to figure out?

Pretty sure this is an artifact of a VBR encoding.


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