[mythtv-users] STAY AWAY FROM WI-FI !!!

Jack R. Hyde jr at jrh.net
Thu Dec 8 15:57:11 EST 2005

My experience closely mirrors your own, there is just too much 
interference from neighbor's networks, phones, microwaves, etc not to 
mention a mostly vertical living arrangement. It works ok for my laptop 
for ssh, remote control, etc, but that's only because I went with a 
thinkpad, their wifi antenna runs throughout the LCD screen. Every other 
solution I tried wasn't even sufficient for ssh. Watching video just 
isn't going to happen.

The devolo sounds interesting, but I am waiting for the new power line 
AV specification. The name and link evades me but it's supposed to be 
more than fast enough to stream HD, which is what I need, and hence why 
I use gige everywhere.

I have a closet full of different brands of wifi routers, cards, 
antennas, etc. For some people it's just not going to work. So in the 
meantime my town home is a mess of blue cables running up and down the 
stairs =(

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